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Registration Tips and Instructions

Sometimes issues can occur during the registration process and it can be frustrating. Here are some tips and instructions to ensure that your experience with our registration process goes as smoothly as possible!

I. The Forms: For Capital Week, we will be using two (2) Registration Forms, each with a specific purpose. They are:
  • Attendee Registration Form: Used by most individuals participating in Capital Week.
  • Speaker Registration Form: Used by Speakers and Moderators who were invited to present at Capital Week. 
    • This form is only available in the Speaker Service Center. 
    • Accepted Speakers and Moderators will receive a link and Login for the SSC.
II. The Search: The first step on all registration forms is the Search page. When you enter your last name and email address, this searches for an SAME record. You must be using the same email address that's in your member record. Please login to your SAME member account through the SAME website to verify this.
  • Tips for the search:
    • Must use email address in your member record.
    • You will receive the result, "Search Results Not Found" if you are not a member or not using correct email address 
    • Click on "New Registration" on that page and continue as a Non-Member.
    • If you are fairly certain you are a member, please contact for assistance.
    • For Capital Week, you must be a member to attend.
III.  The Pages: There are several pages to our registration forms and each page requests different or additional information.
  • Personal Information page: Requests personal and company information.
    • If past Company information populates here, it means you last registered for an SAME National event with that company.
    • Your registration profile needs to be updated to match your member record. Please contact for assistance.  
  • Company Information page: Requests your position and additional company information.
  • Membership page: 
    • Only comes up if you are not a member or if you are not using the correct email address. 
    • If you are a Non-Member, you must purchase a membership to attend this event.
  • Registration Type/Fees page: 
    • The registration fee is based on your member type and the selection you made for "Attendee Category."
    • If no fee is showing here, that usually means your member type does not match what you selected for "Attendee Category." Please contact for assistance.
  • Registration Review page: 
    • Your selections show here.
    • You can enter a discount code, if one has been provided to you.
    • You can also add additional attendees here. This involves going through the same registration process for each additional registrant. The main benefit is the ability to pay one invoice for all registrants.
  • Payment page: 
    • You will enter your payment information here.
    • Most pay with a credit card.
    • If paying by check, payment information will be provided on your registration email confirmation.
    • If you are uniformed service or government and cannot pay the invoice until closer to the event, select "send invoice" here and pay the invoice prior to the start of the conference.
  • Confirmation page: You have completed the registration process and will receive an email Confirmation shortly.
IV.  Troubleshooting Issues: Most issues that may occur have been addressed above.  Below are some additional tips for success.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
  • Make sure your member record is current before starting the registration process.
  • If you have issues or questions beyond what has been provided here, please contact for assistance. For the quickest resolution possible, please provide a full explanation of what is happening and a screen shot(s) of error messages that you receive.
We hope this information has been helpful!

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