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SAME Industry-Government Engagement Summit - 4 PDH

Monday, March 25, 2024
1:00 - 5:00 p.m. EDT
Salons A, B, and C | Bethesda North Marriott

Government Attendee:: $0
Industry Attendee: SAME Member - $99 / Non-Member - $129

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Limited seats per session. Choose one of three IGE initiatives when you register.

Collaborative Delivery and Federal Projects - The Time is Now! - hosted by SAME Construction COI (Waitlist Available)

Installations of the Future - hosted by SAME Architectural Practice COI (Seats still available)

Joint Engineering Challenges & Solutions - hosted by SAME Joint Engineer Contingency Operations COI (Seats still available)

Additional Information

Collaborative Delivery and Federal Projects - The Time is Now!

The SAME Construction Community of Interest (CCOI) is partnering with government to expand and refine the use of Collaborative Delivery Methods for select Federal projects. Building upon the efforts of the 2021 working group report on alternative delivery, the CCOI subcommittee is committed to working with the agencies to enhance the use of Integrated Design and Construction (IDAC) and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) models to deliver projects with certainty. The CCOI is comprised of members representing small and large general contractors who currently work both in the federal and commercial spaces, Government construction agents from various agencies, and construction management professionals. Committee members will focus on the success of current IDAC/ECI collaborative systems, review processes and procedures required in federal acquisition, and recommend process solutions that translate into successful project outcomes.

During this session, participants will learn the benefits and advantages of the Collaborative Delivery Methodology (CDM) and the CCOI partnering goals with government. Members of design build teams, contracting professionals, designers and contractors are encouraged to attend and learn about the CCOI’s progress to date and how to engage/participate with the CCOI to continuously improve collaborative delivery methods across Federal government agencies.

Moderator: Robert Leonetti, Granite Construction
Pete Perez, P.E., SES, USACE
Denver Heath, USACE
Kenny Simmons, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, USACE
Capt. Robert Schlesinger, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP, F.SAME, USN (Ret.), Stantec


Installations of the Future

“George Jetson Meet Nuts and Bolts”. It is fun to imagine future installations with unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned submarines, and robots automated by computer systems. But in preparing for future installations, it’s more important to get down to the nuts and bolts of what is needed. Flexible piers to respond to various water levels over the decades? Dozens of remotely scattered UAV airfields to spread out the fleet and enable the UAVs to respond? Appropriately designed cyber control centers? This interactive, collaborative, head-scratcher session will explore what systems, facilities, and processes that are different from today are required to be developed for future installations/federal campuses. 

Moderator: Col. Paula Loomis, F.SAME, F.AIA, USAF (Ret.), Urban Collaborative
Hon. Lucian Niemeyer, F.SAME, Building Cyber Security
Get Moy, Ph.D., P.E., AECOM
Edmond Gauvreau, FAIA, USACE
Col. Patrick Hogeboom, P.E., USA (Ret.), Michael Baker International

Joint Engineering Challenges & Solutions

What do we mean when we ask what are the “Challenges and Solutions” to any endeavor? In the Joint Engineer Contingency Operations space, a “challenge” or “solution” is defined by the risk perception and tolerance from any particular stakeholder. For instance, the COCOM risk is focused on the ability to meet the mission need or desired capability. The Service Engineer/Logistics staff’s risk may be focused on the ability to meet specifications and schedule either using military units (e.g. Seabees, RED HORSE, Engineering Battalion) or Industry. If Military assets are not available and a contract solution is sought, then another set of risk tolerances are introduced from the Acquisition community and Industry. The acquisition community risks focus on the ability to solicit, evaluate and award a contract within IGE, without protest, along with being able to manage the contract post award. Finally, Industry risks are focused on contractual terms (contract type (FFP/CR), liquidated damages, minimum guarantees), finance (profitability and cash flow) and ability to execute to the schedule. This panel will attempt to address these risks and provide recommendations on how to manage each stakeholder’s risk profile to come to a fair and equitable methodology for engaging Industry for COCOM requirements.

Moderator: Richard Sloop, P.E., Fluor Government Group
Col. Brandon Bowman, USA, USACE
Doug Hill, KBR
Col. Gregory Mayer, P.E., USAF, AFCEC
Ken Myers, Flour Mission Solutions




1:00 - 1:30

Welcome and Introductions

1:45 - 4:15

Collaborative discussion of initiatives

2:30 - 3:00

Networking Break

4:30 - 5:00

Initiative Out-Briefs and Recommendations